10 Animals That Came Back From Extinction

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Welcome to Top10Archive! We live in a vast world and all that we see may not be all that there is. Take, for instance, these top 10 animals and critters, who once vanished from existence only to be located in some far corner of the world. For hundreds to millions of years, these creatures were believed to be extinct, defying the odds to make a miraculous return as incredible tales of Lazarus species.

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10. New Caledonian Crested Gecko
9. New Guinea Big-Eared Bat
8. Javan Elephant
7. Bermuda Petrel
6. La Palma Giant Lizard
5. Caspian Horse
4. Chacoan Peccary
3. Laotian Rock Rat
2. Gracilidris Pombero
1. Coelacanth


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13 thoughts on “10 Animals That Came Back From Extinction

  1. After we destroyed there habitat they went into hiding. Now that we know
    they are still alive we will continue to hunt them down.

  2. I love crested geckos, I own a male and female named Stevie and mango they
    are my favorite lizards and first time I saw one at a pet store they told
    me the history about them

    1. I plan to breed them, they are a pretty easy gecko species to keep and a
      fun species, my female it a tan white coloring with spots and my male has a
      brown pattern

  3. Shouldn’t we have vast wildernesses where no humans are allowed and any
    human found trespassing can be shot on sight by the military? I mean,
    besides Area 51. This way virgin lands would remain protected.

    1. Lots of the Amazon rainforest is still like that.. Not by law, but by
      natives putting an arrow through you because you wear clothes :p I get
      where you’re coming from though.. there’s a lot of areas that should be off
      limits to us humans…

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