10 Dark Secrets About Disney

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Disney… the source of some of animation’s most famous characters and some of the most popular theme parks on the planets. But does it have a dark side?

Alltime 10s looks into scams, racism and human remains, as we bring you ‘10 Dark Secrets of Disney’.

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10 thoughts on “10 Dark Secrets About Disney

  1. The tradition of no mothers comes from the original Germanic folklore of
    which majority of the Disney stories are based. It has nothing to do with
    Walt’s mother. FYI

  2. I agree everything in this video except the so called “sexism”. just cause
    Disney shows beutiful women that have a skinny waist doesn’t mean they are
    trying to make women feel uncomfortable their just movies with princesses
    and love stories no one cares that men speak most the time in the movie you
    watch it to be entertained.

  3. I think Disney is doing the reasonable thing by not reminding people that
    their multi-billionare company is responsible for making a racially
    insensitive (not offensive), but all the controversy is ridiculous. People
    need to get over the fact that a movie made in America in the 40s portrays
    racial relations in an outdated manner.

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