10 Dark Secrets of the KGB

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The often-brutal regimes of Soviet Union leaders were maintained by a ruthless security agency known as the KGB. This extremely secretive, occasionally murderous and widely feared organization kept many of its terrifying acts under wraps but – over the years – some of its dark secrets have been revealed.

Music = Battle Lines by Terry Devine-King, Alls Well That Ends Well by David Tobin and Jeff Meegan, Behind The Iron Curtain by Chris Egan and Andrew Cooksley, Boris The Blade by Barrie Gledden and Richard Lacy, Midnight Escape by Terry Devine-King.

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8 thoughts on “10 Dark Secrets of the KGB

  1. KGB knew how to deal with terrorists. That tactic would sure work today. They take your citizens, you take their family. Eye for an eye…

  2. that intro about how terrible they were….. do you even speak cia?? xD( they still exists) it’s the same with…. how Hitler was the most terrible, when Stalin and Mao were worse….. smh

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