10 Families That Secretly Control The World

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Some families have managed to hold on to power and influence for decades, but is there really a New World Order? Who are they and what do they control? Are they really out to enslave the rest of us? Find out with AllTime10s.

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12 thoughts on “10 Families That Secretly Control The World

    1. But the Kennedys were put in their place. They’re not top 10, and never
      will be after JFK’s speech about invisable empires.

  1. Now, I’m not saying that money directly corrupts people, but we can agree
    that money makes it easy to be for a few of these folks.

    1. Money allows one to pursue their desire. Unfornately, most willing to do
      what it takes to accumulate a large amount of money don’t have anyone but
      their self in mind.

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