10 Lies You Were Told In History Class

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What if history as you know it is wrong?

Did Sparta really fight with only 300 soldiers? Was Jesus really born on December 25?

All Time 10s reveals the truth behind the historical lies that have been taught to kids for generations.

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11 thoughts on “10 Lies You Were Told In History Class

  1. Hire is a big misconception Alexandar the great was a half macedonian half
    greak(by today’s bordes) but becourse when history was writen by the
    British (who where in a good relationship whit Greece),they agreed that
    Alexandar is Greek and Macedonia(F.Y.R.M(hate that name)) has no control
    over that course she is a small state.

  2. Here’s a quick fact about Mithras. In the actual story he was born from a
    rock, not of a virgin, and Christians were actually celebrating the birth
    of Jesus centuries before they encountered any Mithraic cults.

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