10 Most Powerful Militaries In The World

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We have compiled data from militaries around the world to find out who the current top 10 most powerful miltiaries in the world are. Which country will prove the most deadly and top the list?

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15 thoughts on “10 Most Powerful Militaries In The World

    1. stereotype ultra. Also, I THINK(don’t get so triggered) everyone hates America because we are the best. Just playin’ yo. Although, why do y’all hate us so much?

  1. I’ve been watching Axis Power Hetalia and Italy is potrayed as a weak country… Okay, I take back what I said…

  2. although the UK might drop it’s military numbers down to 82,000 active personal, u said that they currently have 102,000 whenever they actually have 153,000 and u didn’t include the reserves which have around 81,000. May not be the biggest force but at least get it right.

  3. I think till 2050 India will be the best country in the world, better than Russia, better than china and better than America.

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