10 Must Know Facts About Marvel

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“Marvel, the comic book-spawning, smash film-producing giant, has been around since 1939. It has brought us iconic characters such as Iron Man, Spider-Man and Captain America and is now worth an estimated $4 billion.

Today’s Alltime 10s video brings you 10 little-known facts to blow your mind.

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12 thoughts on “10 Must Know Facts About Marvel

  1. Dang, Michael Jackson should have bought Marvel. It’s worth so much now,
    not that it matters because he’s, ya know.

  2. thank heaven and God Michael Jackson didn’t buy Marvel Comics . I’m glad
    Disney bought them out . Marvel just want it 1 billion but they have a
    better offer and with Disney it was four billion dollars Marvel got four
    times better the price from Disney

  3. Do these people know about the superhero world? If there was no DC there
    was NO marvel, marvel just copied DC in superheroes. So guys DC all the

    1. +Alex Tyson I admit it, they both copied each other. Most of the
      superheroes are a rip-off of DC.

    2. +Ninja n Chop Animations DC Comic did not create the superheroes you heard
      of mandrake the magician I’m surprised you didn’t heard of him he was one
      of the first superhero around The Phantom , Zorro came out 1919 .there more
      superheroes in the past like Hercules, Samson , Perseus , the Greek
      Argonauts . the Justice League are based off the Greek Argonauts

  4. Wasn’t the black Spider-Man suit originally just a different costume but
    was changed to be an alien monster?

  5. Guys. DC would kill everyone in Marvel. The Flash could go back in time to
    when all the characters were born and kill them.

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