10 Mysterious Ancient Curses

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Stepping where archaeologists fear to tread, Alltime10s brings you the most dangerous and destructive curses to have smote arrogant adventurers.

Are certain Presidents doomed? And what’s going on with suicides in Hungary? Watch to find out.

Music = In the Deep End by Terry Devine-King, Shadows in the Night by Richard Lacy / David Bird / Terry Maskill, White Witch by Lincoln Grounds

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9 thoughts on “10 Mysterious Ancient Curses

  1. There was no curse on Tutankamun’s tomb. It was invented by the press at
    the time because of the deaths of the people involved with the dig.

  2. Why are these curses not effective anymore conveniently once there are
    better and more accurate ways of documenting events and history?

  3. Are you really 5 years old? Yes you are! Why are you beleving in
    Photoshoped videos it is no fact!!!!!!!! Beh and why does ouja board
    working for every Youtube r? They just wan’t to get likes, views and

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