10 Shocking Catfish Stories

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Online dating is an increasingly normal way to find love in the modern world. Unfortunately for the people featured in this list, romance and the internet don’t always mix.

From the father who catfished his own daughter, to the Facebook un-friending which led to a double homicide, AllTime10s brings you 10 shocking catfish stories.

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10 thoughts on “10 Shocking Catfish Stories

  1. I’m sorry but the doctor one… how dumb can people be?? “hey I don’t know
    you, but I’m a doctor and you are at risk for breast cancer… but if you
    fuck me (a lot) you’ll be A-Ok!” i mean, REALLY??

  2. Wait, wait hang on a minute lol……So, this girl (pretending to be a guy)
    asking the girl she’s been talking to online to meet up with her in person
    and have sex BUT she must wear a blind fold? And this girl said “yes” to
    But what about when the girl spoke? Surely, they spoke to each other when
    they met up and she would hear that she has a females voice……So,
    basically the catfish said to her “I will meet up with you for sex but you
    must wear a blind fold and we cannot talk” ………….What the actual

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