10 Suspected Alien Hideouts

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alien base on the all around the world, mars, earth, in ocean, underwater, malibu, in arizona, moon, area 51 and many more mysterious places where suspected alien hideouts available
If Aliens have visited us, there’s no telling where they could be hiding – but a lot of people think they know. From New Mexico to the Moon, Here’s 10 Suspected Alien Hideouts.
Do you believe in extra-terrestrial life? Even if you’re the staunchest skeptic, it’s hard to deny outright that aliens can’t exist. There’s just so much unexplained phenomena, so many oddities on our radar telescopes, and pretty much infinite reaches of unexplored universe. One of the arguments against an alien race is that surely they would have contacted us already. But what if they’ve already reached Earth, a long time ago? What if they’ve been in our backyards this whole time? Here are 10 suspected alien hideouts according to real scientists and witnesses. #10 has some overwhelming and shocking evidence of alien existence! Also, check out the video at the end of this article to see even more visual proof of alien existence.

10. Dulce, New Mexico

9. Area 51

8. Porton Down: Bright Lights In The Sky

7. The Moon


5. Tonto National Forest, Arizona

4. Pine Gap

3. The Coast Off Malibu

2. Lake Baikal

1. The Pacific Ocean

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