10 Times When TROLLING Went TOO FAR

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Welcome to Top10Archive! Thanks to the budding of the internet, the act of trolling has become an art. Where older generations would tie a string to a $100 bill, modern trolls have quite the arsenal of opportunities to unleash their worst. Some trolling is mindless and serves to only bog things down, but then you have these ten instances, where the trolling was top notch and ingenious.

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10. M. Night’s School Fund
9. Target’s Ask ForHelp
8. Trolling Dean
7. David’s Very Expensive Spider
6. Lindy West’s Dead Father
5. Jon Hendren Trolls HLN
4. Patton Oswalt’s Twitter Rant
3. Rick Rolling Westboro
2. The Amazing Racist
1. Anonymous vs. ISIS

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11 thoughts on “10 Times When TROLLING Went TOO FAR

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