10 Ways Humans Will Evolve in the Future

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From smaller brains, to hotter women and even humans growing beaks! These are 10 Ways That Humans Will Evolve In The Future!

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10 thoughts on “10 Ways Humans Will Evolve in the Future

  1. Im sorry to tell you but humans can’t evolve with the world we live in, we are not isolated stopping any involvement and on top of it, none of the weaker traits die off. so picture this, he has brain traits that are bad, back then that person wasn’t suitable to live and it would die off leaving the better trait, but now everyone deserves a life and because of this nothing will change.

  2. These dim-witted, half-assed human evolutionary theories and predictions in the future by these “theorist and experts” are so FUCKING DUMB…!

    Everything In Humanity = CANCER…!

    Our very own success, progress, evolution and existence is CANCER…!

    To hell with the FUTURE and to hell with HUMANITY…!

  3. In the future gene modifications will allow us to manually choose our appearance, talents, and traits similar to how you customize your avatar in a jpg game.

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