Another Top 10 Career Finishing Scandals

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Another Top 10 Career Finishing Scandals
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It’s amazing how quickly a career can end. From sex scandals, to offensive comments and criminal behaviour, WatchMojo is counting down more of the biggest scandals that ended celebrities’ careers. We’ve included controversial stars like Kathy Griffin, Manny Pacquiao and Lindsay Lohan.

If you missed our first list of the Top 10 Career Finishing Scandals, check it out here:

#10: Lindsay Lohan
#9: Stephen Collins
#8: Manny Pacquiao
#7: Kathy Griffin
#6: CeeLo Green
#5: Mark Salling
#4: Lance Armstrong
#3, #2 & #1???

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10 thoughts on “Another Top 10 Career Finishing Scandals

  1. Paciquiaos career isn’t over because of his comments, it’s because he’s old. If paciquiao returned to a fight, I’d watch it in a heartbeat

  2. Manny is still boxing, still a senator, and still in the PI Army, so how is that career ending? I don’t agree with Manny, but just saying.

  3. Louis CK did something in his private life to some consenting adults (if they weren’t consenting they were certainly free to leave) that decided to ruin his life for their 15 minutes of fame. He whacked it in front of some thots… So what? I have, as well as countless others have used women’s private areas stimulate our genitals for pleasure. IT IS CALLED SEX. Honestly, compared to Louis CK not even touching them I’d say his actions are significantly more tame in comparison.

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