Dark Souls Top 5 Facts!

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The Dark Souls series has a lot to digest, with some of the biggest Dark Souls secrets and Dark Souls easter eggs being only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the juicy trivia. Did you know what the original name for Dark Souls was? What Dark Souls boss commits seppuku and kills himself if you best him too easily? Join WatchMojo for all the coolest easter eggs and secrets in Dark Souls.

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13 thoughts on “Dark Souls Top 5 Facts!

  1. the only way be play dark souls a little easier is to download a Cheat Trainer. i play Dark Souls PC With Cheat Trainers because i Care about the Story and the cutscenes of my character more than the Hardcore Challenges. i beat Dark Souls without cheats only Once on the PS3 Version, but on PC: I Cheated.

    1. i also have a couple videos of me cheating on Dark Souls 1 with my Knight of the Warriors of Sunlight Covenant by killing Gravelord Nito and Gwyn Lord of Cinder/Sunlight with cheats. i know im a pleb at Dark Souls but i dont care.

  2. Ugh, at least research your shit before making a video. It’s universally known that Andre is the only one with lips moving because originally he was intended to be the protagonist of the game. The animations were already down before devs decided to make him into side character.

  3. Any of the pussies out there that still to this day think the Souls games are overly difficult need to put on their big boy pants and play some NES games to understand what true difficulty is. Sadly, the modern gaming generation is full of whiny cunts who bitch and moan at even the moderate sign of difficulty in a game.

  4. Should be renamed to: “Top 5 facts about dark souls that everyone already knows and we just made a video based on other people’s findings”

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