Disney is REMOVING Their Movies from NETFLIX – The CineFiles Ep. 33

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Disney is REMOVING Their Movies from NETFLIX – The CineFiles Ep. 33 // Subscribe: //
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This week’s stories all have the internet to thank for blowing up the newsstands! Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter and pleased a ton of fans eager for the Deadpool sequel, when he published two first look photos of Josh Brolin’s Cable! Robotic arm, cybernetic eye and all! Darren Aronofsky dropped his firs full-length trailer for Mother! on YouTube, and its dark, psychological feel shook viewers to their core. And of course, Netflix finds themselves in headlines once again this week after Disney announced their removing their movies from the streaming site by 2018, because they’ll be creating one of their own!

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10 thoughts on “Disney is REMOVING Their Movies from NETFLIX – The CineFiles Ep. 33

  1. what does the video have to do with the title, they are just saying stuff about movies, not even about disney

  2. Don’t give two shits really. I already own most of the disney cartoons & movies on vhs & DVD so I will not be paying for shit.

  3. I love Disney’s movies on Netflix. Like seriously? Are they also removing Marvel’s movies that was made from Disney?

  4. Way to screw Netflix like you did Marvels, Disney! Bank on their exclusive rights contract and then leave them? You bought Marvels and now look what you did to all their comics & animation department? One has too many diversity we don’t care about and the other are just shows with the intelligent writing of a 4 yrs old just so you can sell more of your toys.

  5. The Disney thing might be good if they put their older shows and original movies and the classics just depends on how much they charge

  6. This is a really bad idea NetFlix. It’s bad enough that you only offer your Canadian subscribers a small percentage of your catalog, now you’re going to deprive me of the best of the stuff you do offer here.

    Damn… what a bunch of assholes.

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