10 Suspected Alien Hideouts

alien base on the all around the world, mars, earth, in ocean, underwater, malibu, in arizona, moon, area 51 and many more mysterious places where suspected alien hideouts available If Aliens have visited us, there's no telling where they could be hiding - but a lot of people think they know.

10 Mysteries Solved By Google Earth

No matter how much we find out about the earth, it always has more questions to answer. But thanks to Google mapping the entire planet, we're a lot closer to answering them than ever before. Here's 10 Mysteries Solved By Google Earth. Click to Subscribe.. FAQ's: What editing software do we use?:

The 5 Largest Fish Ever Caught

The 5 Largest Fish Ever Caught 1. The largemouth bass is a pretty big fish, but the biggest one ever captured weighed in at 22 pounds 5 oz. The fish was captured by Manabu Kurita off Lake Biwa in Japan in 2009 and it caused an immediate sensation and even some controversy. Kurita’s catch

5.Historical Murder Mysteries Still Waiting For An Answer

5 Historical Murder Mysteries Still Waiting For An Answer 1. For almost 700 years, the death of Italian nobleman Cangrande della Scalla was considered accidental. However, in 2004, a modern autopsy confirmed long-held suspicions that he had, in fact, been poisoned. Of course, this begged the question: Who killed him?Part of

Top 10 Scariest Lists for Halloween

Top 5 Scariest Lists for Halloween 10. his list by “Stephen King” from November 2010 takes a look at some creepy creatures upon which myths are built. Do they exist? For some, they are just as real as the countless cryptozoological textbooks based on their elusive likenesses. Most curious examples: Owlman,


Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! It’s a massive world out there, but amidst the roaming giants and even our own moderately-sized selves are critters that somehow avoid being crushed on a daily basis. We’ve broken out the magnifying glass and scoured high and low to round up the

10.Gross Things People Used To Make Craft Beer

10 Gross Things People Used To Make Craft Beer 1. Wild yeast pops up in all kinds of places, but yeast pulled from a man's beard might just be taking things a hair too far. Rogue Ale thought the concept was worth exploring, however, which is why they jumped at the