Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Some animals are just not long for this world. Whether through natural intervention or the destructive nature of man, some beasts have vanished forever. Some beasts, we’re more than happy to be rid of. Others, like the ten in this Archive, we wish


Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! We live in a fascinating age where the boundaries that once stifled the process of cloning have greatly thinned. Now it’s as if we’ve stumbled upon a veritable Lazarus Pit and are looking to repopulate the world with beasts long-since vanished. While some

Top 10 EXTINCT ANIMALS Caught On Tape

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top 10 Archive! The Earth is billions of years old and in that time has hosted an unfathomable number of species of plants and animals. While many of them existed before we ever did, there are entire species that have lived­—and died—in our time

Top 10 Recently Extinct Animals – Part 2

Top 10 Recently Extinct Animals - Part 2. The animals we are about to list are unfortunately no longer around. Sometimes it has to do with climate change where the earth just keeps changing. Watch as we give you the Top 10 Recently Extinct Animals - Part

10 Prehistoric Animals We’re GLAD Are Extinct

Welcome to Top10Archive! We should probably be thanking our lucky stars. You see, most of the animals we have to live around are docile, adorable and snuggly creatures, but that wasn’t always the case. Before the appearance of man, the world was once a breeding ground for terror and monsters. Support

10 Reasons Humans Will Be Extinct in 1000 Years

With global warming and political unrest, the chances of humans surviving to a Star Trek-like utopia seem to get slimmer every year. In today's video we look at 10 terrifying reasons why humanity definitely won't live to see the light of the Year 3000. Click to Subscribe.. Check out the