Top 10 Best Wes Craven Movies

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Wes Craven is not only a pioneer of modern horror, but by many accounts has also set the standard for the genre! WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Scariest Wes Craven Movies! But what will take the top spot on our list? Will it be ‘Scream’, ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’, or ‘The Hills Have Eyes’? Watch to find out!

01:04 #10. “Scream 2” (1997)
02:06 #9. “Red Eye” (2005)
03:01 #8. “SCRE4M” (2011)
03:59 #7. “The Serpent and the Rainbow” (1988)
05:14 #6. “The Last House on the Left” (1972)
06:29 #5. “The People Under the Stairs” (1991)
07:40 #4. “Wes Craven’s New Nightmare” (1994)
08:47 #3, #2, #1 ????

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Wes Craven Movies

  1. A Nightmare on Elm Street is my favorite movie of all time! Scream is my 2nd favorite Slasher movie and is also in my Top 10 Movies list.

  2. Red Eye was a decent film. the 4th Scream film is medicore at best. The Serpent and the rainbow was fucking awful at least i think it is, yes many love it and that’s fine i have no issues with that i just thought it was awful. but it’s a well made film it just needed i think a far better script. i love people under the stairs and honestly i think it’s far far better than New Nightmare, but the problem with that film is this, it makes no goddamn sense i saw in the theatre way back when. i like it but it needed to make more sense, cause it starts out really easy to figure out than as the film goes on

    the damn thing just gets too confusing. and it wasn’t just me i saw it with my brother and he said the same thing. though i like it better than him. side note did anyone know Craven directed a Porno in (1975) ? under another name? where the fuck is Elm Street 3? that’s the best sequel. yes i know he didn’t direct it but he wrote it. also where the fuck is Shocker? that’s easily one of his best films and should take place of Scream 4. Scream 4 is a decent film but it’s nothing special and with him gone i down a parts 5 and 6 are going to come anytime soon since he’s gone. they had announced plans to do 2 more but apparently that was cancelled and i’m okay with that actually.

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