Top 10 Celebrity Plagiarism Accusations

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Top 10 Celebrity Plagiarism Accusations

Famous people get caught plagiarizing just like students in universities and your every day worker. Just as it is a serious crime that can get you expelled from your college, plagiarism leaves an ugly stain on the reputation of celebrities as well. People like Melania Trump, Beyoncé, Joe Biden and even Martin Luther King Jr., have been accused of copying other people’s work – though not all people are actually found guilty despite the claims. One of the most common places of plagiarism is within the music industry, where most recently, notable cases have appeared in the hands of Robin Thicke for Blurred Lines (featuring Pharrell Williams and TI), Coldplay vs Joe Satriani for Viva La Vida and many more. Melania Trump as accused of copying part of Michelle Obama’s speech, and even the great James Cameron was accused of plagiarism for his motion picture epic, Avatar.

00:45 #10. Melania Trump’s Scripted SNAFU
02:04 #9. Beyoncé’s Love of Belgian Choreography
03:07 #8. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Plagiarized Doctoral Dissertation
04:01 #7. Helen Keller’s Burst of Inspiration
04:54 #6. Jane Goodall’s Chaotic Method of Wikipedia Note Taking
06:02 #5. Joe Biden’s Admiration for Famous Orators
07:07 #4. Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines
08:53 #3, #2 & #1 ???

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12 thoughts on “Top 10 Celebrity Plagiarism Accusations

  1. Stop being so butt hurt about Martin Luther King Jr. Clearly no one’s
    hating on him, it’s just a fact that he commited plagiarism.

  2. The Blurred Lines lawsuit still bothers me. Anyone who really knows about
    song writing would instantly recognize how different they really are.

  3. Beyonce does not steal or plagiarize , she gets inspired and gives credit
    to the greats who have inspired her …. all hail the queen

    Plus you cannot plagiarize dance moves , there is no copyright for dance
    steps jut like there is no copyright for designing clothes , which is why
    as soon as a major designer brings out collection for Autumn or Spring ,
    before you know it all the major chains have a version of it

  4. How is the Wasteland plagiarised?? There is a thing called literary
    allusion and intertextuality, quite different and distinct from plagiarism,
    where everyone recognises the source and it is a way of honouring the

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