Top 10 Creepiest Extinct ANIMALS You WON’T BELIEVE Existed

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Welcome to Top10Archive! Long before man took Earth as his own, it was ruled by prehistoric beasts. While we tend to gravitate towards dinosaurs when discussing the natural prehistory of our world, we shouldn’t overlook a creature just because it’s… well…odd looking. In this Archive, we’re jumping in a wormhole, back to the age of giants to find the ten creepiest prehistoric creatures.

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10. Platybelodon
9. Arandaspis
8. Aegirocassis
7. Giant Fleas
6. Anomalocaris
5. Attercopus
4. Meganeuropsis Permiana
3. Opabinia
2. Hallucigenia
1. Manipulator Modificaputis

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  1. That thumbnail has been used so much I’m surprised some expected it to be real. I first saw it in a video that was talking about The Bloop.

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