Top 10 Declassified Secrets That Will SHOCK You

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Top 10 Declassified Secrets That Will SHOCK You

These shocking declassified documents proved that sometimes, conspiracy theories are true and the government IS lying to you. Whether the government is developing mind-control techniques in Project MKUltra, or the torture of Project 731, or Edward Snowden’s revelation of global government surveillance, or atomic bombs accidentally dropped on North Carolina, there are some national security issues that are kept secret – for a while. WatchMojo counts down ten outrageous government secrets that were revealed to the world.

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00:39 #10: Avro Canada VZ-9 Avrocar
01:21 #9: Atomic Bombs Over North Carolina
02:18 #8: The Lost Children of Francoism
03:03 #7: Dark Alliance
04:05 #6: Operation Neptune Spear
05:07 #5: Global Surveillance Disclosures
06:25 #4: Project MKUltra
07:14 #3, #2 & #1???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Declassified Secrets That Will SHOCK You

  1. Unit 731… which murdered koreans, chinese, mongolians, south east asians
    for fun. pregnant women were c-sesed without anastasia then put the baby
    back to see how the body reacts in both mothers and babies. Also lots of
    people were given deadly diseases but let them heal with minimal medical
    help then given diseases over and over and over again to see how bodies’
    immune system evolves. Lots of captured us soldiers were tortured by
    removing toe and finger nails one by one then broke the every joints in
    their body one by one in every 12 hours to see how the body reacts. They
    even took theirnown japanese women with chinese and korean women too
    (mostly very young) then made them sex slaves for decades to see how they
    accept their fate or conceive the thought that human or women are suppose
    to be treated like they were since they were very young when they were
    abducted and forced into sex slavery. Pregnant women were subjected to an
    experiment who were given dry needle on their belly then poerce their
    babies heart, killingnthem while they are still intact and inside the
    uterus just to see how mothers body reacts over time. Now these are
    considered to be very mild experiments compare to what 731 really did to
    humanity. That army regiment made GERMAN SS experimental units so whimpy
    that even nazi germans said “japanese human experimental units are out of
    mind” and made SS exp units like good people… And yet we japanese people
    (yes i am a japanese) and Abe shinzo are willing to commit exact same
    crimes against humanity over and over again(and yes majority of us approves
    that ideal… how inhumane we are) And Also anime weeaboos and japan
    worshipping otakus that support us and our crimes just because of they like
    japanese animes are even justifying our crimes against humanity. (Infact
    those weeaboos are support and worship us and anything about us no matter
    what we do and what we are). Well i gotta thing for you anime weeaboos and
    otakus. ゴミ事大主義精神病患者死んで不必要な事大主義のゴミ寄生虫ああ!

  2. Operation mockingbird should easily make a Top 10 list. The government
    admitting to infiltrating, corrupting and controlling the media is as
    relevant today as it ever was.

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