Top 10 Domesticated Animals and Their Origins

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Welcome to Top10Archive! Agriculture and the domestication of animals helped spur the human race from hunter gatherers to self sufficient land settlers. Looking through the history books, we sought to find the most beneficial animals humans have domesticated through time and the resources they provided. From the insect that generated a trade commodity to mans best friend, here are our top picks for animals domesticated by humans.

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10. Silkmoth
9. Cat
8. Camel
7. Goat
6. Sheep
5. Pig
4. Chicken
3. Horse
2. Cattle
1. Dog


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12 thoughts on “Top 10 Domesticated Animals and Their Origins

    1. +Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan Not historically. When the Black Plague swept across
      Europe cats were the only animal that had the ability to help.

  1. top 10 deadliest animals in Australia. it is shocking to know that they are
    dangerous they don’t look bad at first. keep up the good work

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