Top 10 Events That Will Happen In YOUR Lifetime

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Top 10 Events That Will Happen In YOUR Lifetime. There are all sorts of amazing and unusual events that are going to happen in your lifetime. So find out which of the top 10 events that will happen in your lifetime are.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Events That Will Happen In YOUR Lifetime

  1. The world is not advancing as fast as you think. We were promised hoverboards and now have some cheap excuse of roller boards which do not get off the ground.

  2. On number 6 they didn’t land on the moon .Why you ask its because the first picture shows that the flag look like it’s windy but on the moon there’s no air so there can’t be wind.then number two is that in the back round it’s just black.Theres no stars for the two pictures because in space there’s a lot of stars.there you have it number six no one landed on the moon yet because they didn’t have all of the stuff.

  3. Ot wont be electric cars that take over, they will make fuel out of algee, electric cars are terrible on the environment and when the battery runs dry you are screwed. cars would pretty much be disposable.

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