Top 10 Extinct Animals That MAY ACTUALLY STILL BE ALIVE!

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Top 10 Extinct Animals That MAY ACTUALLY STILL BE ALIVE!

There are many animals thought to be extinct, but they may be alive today. From the Megalodon to the Japanese River Otter to the Passenger Pigeon, to the Javan Tiger to the Mexican Grizzly Bear to the Woolly Mammoth, these are animal species that vanished but could resurface someday. Are these extinct animals still alive today? Maybe; they could be found alive at any moment! WatchMojo counts down ten animals we thought were extinct but might be alive!

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00:37 #10: Baiji [aka Yangtze River Dolphin]
01:26 #9: Mexican Grizzly Bear
02:08 #8: Eastern Cougar [aka Eastern Puma]
02:49 #7: Passenger Pigeon
03:34 #6: Ivory-Billed Woodpecker
04:24 #5: Japanese Wolf
05:04 #4: Javan Tiger
05:47 #3, #2 & #1 ????

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Extinct Animals That MAY ACTUALLY STILL BE ALIVE!

  1. As an animal lover, I’m holding out hope that all these guys (and gals) are
    still alive and thriving somewhere. But as for Megalodon, here’s all we
    need for proof. Look for signs of dead whales with an unreasonably huge
    chunk of meat ripped from them. I love whales and wish they didn’t ever
    have to come to harm, but since we’ve always speculated Megalodon as a
    whale hunter, it’s the best shot.

  2. There is no way a Megalodon is still around. If they were, Submarines would
    have come across them. The are so many Subs, ships, Militaries out in the
    ocean, there is no way they are moving around down there without anyone

  3. My sister, and the family she was baby sitting for saw the Eastern
    Puma/Eastern Mountain Lion in New Hampshire . About 7 feet long, there was
    no way to mistake what they saw.

  4. I once heard a theory that some dinosaurs may still be alive but living in
    a deep cave somewhere due to the Earth being overpopulated by humans.
    Humans are crazy like that, thinking that dinosaurs would be smart enough
    to be like “Shit, humans, we better hide for ever.” and then survive in a
    fucking cave for thousands of years.

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