Top 10 Historic Sports Stadiums Still In Use

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Welcome to Top10Archive! Since ancient times, man has sought means of entertainment. For most of us, that happens to be found in the large world of sports. With athletics growing to be such a large part of the human culture, it comes as no surprise that such fantastic architectural creativity has gone into constructing some stadiums. In this installment, we’re counting down our pick for the top 10 most historic sports arenas still in use today!

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10. Wimbledon Centre Court, 1922 (London, UK)
9. Wrigley Field, 1914 (Chicago, IL)
8. Fenway Park, 1912 (Boston, MA)
7. Old Trafford, 1910 (Manchester, England)
6. Indianapolis Motor Speedway, 1909 (Indianapolis, IN)
5. Anfield, 1884 (Liverpool, England)
4. Churchill Downs, 1875 (Louisville, KY)
3. Saratoga Race Course, 1863 (Saratoga Springs, NY)
2. Bramall Lane Stadium, 1855 (Sheffield, England)
1. Melbourne Cricket Ground, 1854 (Melbourne, Australia)


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17 thoughts on “Top 10 Historic Sports Stadiums Still In Use

  1. This is probably the worst list ever.. Why was Wimbledon 10th? compared to
    pretty much all the others this is one of the most well known
    internationally. What about Wembley stadium also as this would also rank
    darn high but isn’t even on the list. I personally have never heard of any
    of those horse racing places.. but you know what horse racing places i do
    know? Ascot.

    1. What i mean though, is that Ascot was from around 1700. FAR earlier than
      any of the others and very well known.

    2. They ordered it by how old they were, and by fame. If you look in the
      description section, the list is in order by date.. there is older/just as
      old fields though that they left out, so I’m thinking they also put
      attendance into factor.

  2. I know a lot of people won’t know about Newlands Cricket Stadium, but I’d
    say it’s also one of the most atmospheric stadiums in the world. Same goes
    for the Newlands Rugby Stadium- both were opened in 1888.

  3. University of Michigan Football Stadium should be on this list: it`s old,
    holds more people than other football stadiums, has set several attendance
    records, and it`s streak of being sold out is also amazing.

    1. UofM is one of the most iconic stadiums in the country for sure.. Sadly,
      I’ve never been there.. I’m an MSU fan.. xD. It use to be the biggest
      (seating capacity) stadium in the world – it’s #2 now. We’ll be doing a
      “biggest stadiums” sometime down the line, we need to do more sports

    2. I figured age was the deciding factor…and Michigan`s stadium is 8-9 years
      older than #9/10. Still, age+still in use+size+record-setting crowds =
      difficult not to list Michigan Stadium. It gets bigger crowds that PRO
      football games EVERY TIME!

    3. It’s huge for sure, can’t argue that 🙂 but these are the oldest ones still
      in use – it didn’t make it in!

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