Top 10 Historical Predictions That Actually Came True

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Wanna hear some of the most accurate predictions of the future? Between Mark Twain predicting his own death would coincide with Halley’s Comet, H.G. Wells predicting the Atomic Bomb or John Elfreth Watkins Jr. foreseeing the invention of the Television, these are some of the most impressive predictions in history that turned out to be true. WatchMojo counts down ten predictions from the past about the future that actually came true!

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00:38 #10: The Atomic Bomb – H. G. Wells
01:29 #9: Television – John Elfreth Watkins Jr.
02:19 #8: The Periodic Table – Dmitri Mendeleev
03:03 #7: Debit Cards – Edward Bellamy
03:38 #6: Organ Transplants – Robert Boyle
04:22 #5: Mark Twain’s Own Death – Mark Twain
05:02 #4: Wi-Fi / Wireless Devices – Nikola Tesla
05:52 #3, #2 & #1 ???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Historical Predictions That Actually Came True

  1. Another fact about Robertson: in 1913, he wrote another story in which there is a war between the US and Japan following a surprise attack by the Japanese in the month December. The war is ultimately resolved by powerful bombs.

  2. Some of them aren’t impressive, they are like me saying “in the future, we’ll have flying cars”

  3. What? No, seriously, what? I can appreciate the hard work Modjo is doing, but again and again, it is apparent that it is a hipster channel. Although it is thankfully mentioned that wireless devices were invented before that, it comes in the shadow of first iPhone. I almost expect Modjo to soon release a claim that before the new Wonder Woman and last year’s obviously feminist Ghostbusters, there were no strong female lead characters in films.

    Sidemark: there is gravity in space, at least in the area, and similar areas, in question.

  4. Hiw about the guy that preticted some dude got eated alive in the ocean wiy his crew members.

  5. It’s not true about Titanic. Robertson simply changed some moments after this accident to make it look like “prediction” and book was republished.

  6. The fulfillment of some of these prophecies might just be a result of people reading up on these writer’s wild theories and making them come true rather than them magically or mystically being fulfilled…

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