Top 10 Infamous Cover-Ups (That May or May Not Be TRUE!)

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There are some weird government secrets in history, and lots of things the government has tried to hide from us. Whether it’s a mind-control project like MKUltra, the fact that John Lennon was on Richard Nixon’s watch list or the fact that Winston Churchill believed in aliens, these are some secrets the government didn’t want you to know. WatchMojo counts down ten famous (alleged) government cover-ups in history.

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00:37 #10: Winston Wants to Believe
01:24 #9: Grand Central Secrets
02:14 #8: Bad Blood
03:30 #7: Listening in on Lennon
04:33 #6: A Clockwork Orange
05:31 #5: Trouble Is Brewing
06:20 #4: Going Radioactive
07:08 #3, #2 & #1???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Infamous Cover-Ups (That May or May Not Be TRUE!)

  1. This may or may not be true? Who cares then? They might not be true so what’s the fucking point in this video you crettin?

    North Korea just launched a missile. North Korea hasn’t launched a missile… Which one of these sentences has more importance, is better clickbait and is more likely to have more information?

  2. 9/11 is to invade oil rich country…if Muslim terrorist group,why dont they attack indonesia or malaysia?!?answer:both indonesia or malaysia don’t have much oil compare to middle East

  3. Wish to point out by sceptics of cover ups and conspiracy theories, remember there have been conspiracy theories and cover ups that have been verified.

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