Top 10 INSANE Sleepwalking Stories – Part 2

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Top 10 INSANE Sleepwalking Stories – Part 2
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Welcome back guys, my name is Danny Burke and today we are going to be talking about the Top 10 Insane Sleepwalking Stories. The last video we did on this was fascinating, weird and a little bit scary – sometimes people do very strange things when they’re asleep and they don’t even know it. Maybe you’re one of them … see if these stories sound familiar …


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12 thoughts on “Top 10 INSANE Sleepwalking Stories – Part 2

  1. I sleepwalk, I’ve even had sex in my sleep. The only reason i knew was because i found a condom in my bin, i asked the person if we had sex and they said yes.

  2. I had sleep walked for many years and when I did, I did everything like I was fully awake. Get dressed, pack for a trip, walk outside. It was Very scary when I found what I had done.

  3. When I was little I woke up at night to a noise in the kitchen and I went to look. My dad was asleep making grilled cheese and drinking orange juice. I didn’t know at the time that sleep walking was a thing an I thought my dad was possessed so I went back to my room and hid in the closet all night. I know he was asleep because his eyes were closed and he was snoring. He didn’t remember any of it and my mom made him apologize for scaring me.

  4. Sleep walk story: opened the door, went to my little sisters room, opened the door, talked to her, got in her bed, and slept. I woke up and told my mom. Really weird.

    1. E girl22__ my sleep walk story: I thought my sister’s blanket was on my bed so I walked into my mum’s room at 3 am Telling her that my sister’s blanket was on my bed so she walked with me back into my room where there was no blanket and I fell back asleep … This was my first time sleepwalking

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