Top 10 Most Absurd Anime Hairstyles

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Top 10 Most Absurd Anime Hairstyles

Ridiculous and down-right stupid hairstyles are synonymous with anime but maybe shows like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragon Ball Z, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Toriko, Inazuma Eleven, Bobobo-bo Bo-Bobo, One Piece, Shiki, Ladies vs. Butlers, Gosick, Naruto, Ping Pong, Code Geass, Dangan Ronpa, and Kill la Kill are the worst offenders.

In this list we’re tackling some of the dumbest hairstyles in all of Japanese animation.Which character has the silliest hair? Which character has the strongest hair? Which character has the worst hair? these questions will be answered in this video.

And if this video wet your appetite for pompadours check out our list of the top 10 anime delinquents:

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00:40 #10. Grevil de Blois
01:21 #9. Jotaro Kujo
01:57 #8. Selnia Flameheart
02:48 #7. Sunny
03:32 #6. Tobitaka Seiya
04:07 #5. Kyouko Ozaki
04:47 #4. Super Saiyan 3 Goku
05:28 #3, #2, #1: ????

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Absurd Anime Hairstyles

  1. I swore a Pretty Cure heroine would be part of this set. Then again, they
    never mentioned Pretty Cure in the top 10 Anime Magical Girls, so I’m not
    surprised. Still, Franky and Yugi do work out.

  2. And I thought Yugi wasn’t there.
    He has one hardest anime hairstyle that is extremely difficult to cosplay,
    most of the Yugi cos-players hairs are *cough* never mind.

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