Top 10 MOST BIZARRE Japanese Inventions!

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Welcome to Top10Archive! There seems to be a fad that is very prevalent in Japan by the name of Chindogu, or the art of inventing almost useless things. From square watermelons to spray-on stockings, let’s count down the top 10 oddest Japanese inventions.

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10. Golf Bra
9. Umbrella Tie
8. Concept Bra
7. Cupmen
6. Square Watermelon
5. Solar Bra
4. Spray On Stockings
3. Butter Grater
2. Paper to Toilet Paper
1. Boyfriend/Girlfriend Pillow (Arm and Legs)


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14 thoughts on “Top 10 MOST BIZARRE Japanese Inventions!

  1. The square melons could be an idea of the European Union. There was a
    regulation here that cucumbers must be straight to be easily stored. If
    they are bent too much they were considered worthless and were thrown away.

    1. +Spicy Lettuce Sorry you didn’t like my video. 🙁 I will be working hard to
      get better each time, and hopefully, if you watch another, you will like it
      a little better.

  2. The toilet paper converter is less than useless.
    The simple and most cost effective way to reduce toilet paper waste is to
    Think about it – all you do is hang your used toilet paper on the clothes
    line and beat the shit out of it…….

    1. +Jody Johnson Sorry you didn’t like my video, Jody. 🙁 I am am trying to
      improve with every new upload; however, if you prefer to just watch Jim’s
      (the guy narrator) videos, skip the thumbnails with my face on it. Thank
      you for watching anyway and if you watch another one, hopefully you will
      like it better.

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