Top 10 OBVIOUS Movie Mistakes YOU MISSED!

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Welcome to Top10Archive! Don’t you just love sitting down and watching some of your favorite movies? Wouldn’t it be a shame if someone came along and, say, kind of ruined the experience by pointing out glaring, inexcusable errors? Enter this installment for the 10 most obvious movie mistakes! We promise, after this Archive, you won’t be able to overlook these noticeable goofs.

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10. Gotham Times Can’t Spell (The Dark Knight Rises)
9. Nixon’s Resignation (The Rocky Horror Picture Show)
8. Transplanted Palms (Halloween)
7. Dorothy’s House Slippers (The Wizard of Oz)
6. Lake Wissota (Titanic)
5. A Time Traveling Guitar (Back to the Future)
4. Gas-Powered Chariots (Gladiator)
3. Impossible Currency (Django Unchained)
2. Where’d the Ground Go? (Jurassic Park)
1. Low-Bridge Stormtrooper (Star Wars)



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11 thoughts on “Top 10 OBVIOUS Movie Mistakes YOU MISSED!

  1. ha fail the star wars had a mistaken that the guy make a loud sound and
    person ruined star wars and get there money and never aird that dumb movie

  2. George Lucas thought the Storm Trooper goof was so funny, he added the
    ‘thunk’ noise. Glad he had a sense of humor, instead of trying to hide it.

    1. The funny (sad) part is that this will probably be viewed more times than
      any of our original Archives out there. So, we need to mix it up and put
      our little spin on things y’all may have seen before!

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