Top 10 Super Villains With the Best Fighting Ability

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Which super villains are the best fighters? Comic book heroes like Batman and Spider-Man are incredible hand to hand fighters, so their villains have to keep pace, and some of these bad boys like Bane, Shredder and Kraven the Hunter can even defeat the heroes in one on one fights. There aren’t only the villains who are the best at fighting, but the best fictional fighters or all time. So join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the top 10 villains with the best fighting ability.

00:47 #10. Crossbones
01:46 #9. Kraven the Hunter
02:30 #8. The Shredder
03:17 #7. Bullseye
04:06 #6. Storm Shadow
04:50 #5. Bane
06:01 #4. Ra’s al Ghul
06:50 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Super Villains With the Best Fighting Ability

  1. Is this list “serious”? Where are Lady Shiva, Constantine Drakon and Prometheus? Prometheus KOed Lady Shiva with two movements. And she is one of the best martial artists in DC universe.

  2. I like just how easily those peeps become supervillains and gain their powers…. Like Taskmaster, yea, i’m just gonna inject myself with stuff and voila, OP OP
    I’m surprised there’s not thousands of them if that damn injection is all it takes to be so OP…. or imagine some OP superheroes to inject themselves with that crap… Sups with taskmaster’s abilities… grooovy

  3. I’m shocked that Shiva didn’t make this list. Plus Taskmaster has been beaten easily by Mr. X a wolverine villain who has similar abilities but his are psionic by Nature

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