Top 10 Tales of Animals Saving Humans

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Welcome to Top10Archive! With all of the tragedies going on today that are caused by humans, it’s nice to have animals to look at for positive inspiration. In today’s installment, we’ll attempt to find the 10 most selfless, heroic and admirable stories of animals saving humans.

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10. Todd Endris Saved by Dolphins
9. Yang Yun Saved by Whale
8. Austin Forman Saved by Dog
7. Small Child Saved by Gorilla
6. Lions Save 12-Year Old Girl
5. Kevin Hines Saved by Sea Lions
4. Jo Ann Alstman Saved by Lulu the Pig
3. Noel Osborne Saved by Goat
2. Baby Saved by Parrot
1. Stray Dog Saves Stray Baby


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11 thoughts on “Top 10 Tales of Animals Saving Humans

  1. omg that guy @3:50 changed his mind and decided he wanted to live,AFTER he
    jumped off that bridge? i will say for him,he def has someone watching over
    him,cause surviving that jump was proof enough,he is def not supposed to
    die,not yet anyways,why do people think they want to kill themselves? i
    will never understand it

  2. I think my dog is a hero when I was atleast 6 my toy dropped into a big
    lake my dog swam in and kept kicking it onto the bank at home I gave her

  3. Top 10 tales of animals killing humans. Would love to see the other side,
    create appropriate knowledge to animals lovers that going into an animal
    cage isn’t a good idea. :)

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