Top 10 WORST Xbox One Games!

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Microsoft? More like “Microsucks”. These are the lamest, most boring, broken, terrible, worst of the worst games to ever appear on Microsoft’s 8th Generation console, the Xbox One. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Xbox One Games!

00:35 #10. “Ryse Son of Rome” (2013)
01:12 #9. “Powerstar Golf” (2013)
02:36 #8. “MagNets Fully Charged” (2016)
02:35 #7. “Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition” (2014)
03:19 #6. “Zoo Tycoon” (2013)
03:58 #5. “Kinect Sports Rivals” (2014)
04:42 #4. “Crimson Dragon” (2013)
05:21 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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15 thoughts on “Top 10 WORST Xbox One Games!

  1. “… are now doing Kinect Sports games.” Was this video suppose to come out in 2014 or are you that oblivious to what’s going on in the industry? Rare’s released Rare Replay and soon Sea of Thieves since then which are both pretty awesome. Also, I guess I was the only one that enjoyed Crimson Dragon. :/

  2. It is interesting that they use the present tense when referring to Rare working on Kinect titles. The reality is they stopped doing that and are working on a new IP Sea of Thieves that is showing promise.

  3. Ryse wasn’t a bad game. The graphics were stunning and the story was interesting to say the least. Yes the combat wasn’t super deep but I don’t think that that is necessary for a game like this. I really really enjoyed it.

  4. i played ryse of roam but i finished it and by the time i did i wanted to kill myself becasue of how hard all the bosses were

  5. The only things that matters are these: both consoles have games that are great, both have games that suck. PlayStation has more iconic and memorable characters and exclusives than Xbox. Fact, not opinion. It’s fine though, I truthfully don’t understand why the Xbox is hyped over the PS4, but whatever.

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